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Top Promising Stocks To Invest In 2015

By: Jake Mann

In search of dividend stocks, there are many ways to parse down the data. Searching for high yielders with rock bottom payout ratios is one way to find promising dividend growth stocks. We can also find interesting investing ideas by selecting long-term dividend stocks-those that have raised dividends in 50 or more consecutive years-with multiple insiders buying over the past six months.


Security and services company Diebold (DBD) is simply a dividend beast. It has raised dividends in 60 consecutive years and currently offers a yield of 3.8%. Over the past three months, two insiders, CEO Andreas Mattes and VP John Kristoff, have bought Diebold stock. Mattes currently owns about $824K worth of the stock while Kristoff's position is a bit smaller, and in the entire year of 2013, Board members Rajesh Soin and Henry Wallace have also initiated purchases here.

With four unique executives buying in the calendar year and two of these taking place very recently, Diebold is in an attractive spot. Multiple empirical studies show that insider activity like this is the best for piggyback investors to pay attention to (learn how some insider trades beat the market).

Top 5 High Tech Companies To Invest In 2016: Burlington Stores Inc (BURL)

Burlington Stores, Inc., incorporated on February 13, 2013, is a national off-price retailer of branded apparel, operating 503 stores, inclusive of an Internet store, in 44 states and Puerto Rico. The Company offers its merchandise using an Every Day Low Price (EDLP) model with savings up to 60-70% off department and specialty store regular prices. It provides its customers with a selection of fashionable branded product in women�� ready-to-wear apparel, menswear, youth apparel, baby products, footwear, accessories, home goods and coats. The Company merchandise from over 3,500 vendors, with a focus on nationally-recognized brands. This vendor breadth provides its customers with a treasure hunt experience of searching for great brands at great value.

The Company�� average store size is approximately 80,000 square feet, which is two to three times the size of its off-price competitors��stores. Its larger store size has allowed the Company to offer more categories and substantially more breadth in each product category than its off-price competitors and to establish ourselves as a destination for select categories, including coats, youth and baby, special-occasion dresses and men�� tailored apparel.

Advisors' Opinion:
  • [By Alanna Petroff]

    4. Expecting earnings: Barnes and Noble (BKS) and Burlington Stores (BURL) will report earnings before the opening bell. Krispy Kreme (KKD) is set to report after the close.

  • [By Tom Taulli]

    Competition: While TJX attempts to undercut more traditional retailers, it has plenty of competition in the deep-discount game, Ross Stores (ROST), Kohl’s (KSS) and Burlington Stores (BURL). TJX also must contend with big-box operators like Target (TGT). So far, TJX has been able to dig itself a niche and remain fairly differentiated, but it’s fair to point out the danger in slipping — in retail, customers always have plenty of alternatives.

Top Promising Stocks To Invest In 2015: Market Vectors Poland ETF (PLND)

Market Vectors Poland ETF (the Fund) seeks to replicate the price and yield performance of the Market Vectors Poland Index (the Index). The Index is a diversified index consisting of at least 25 companies either headquartered in Poland or deriving at least 50% of their revenues from Poland. It invest in sectors, such as financials, energy, industrials, consumer staples, telecomm services, materials, consumer discretionary, utilities, information technology and healthcare. The Fund�� investment advisor is Van Eck Associates Corporation. Advisors' Opinion:
  • [By Benjamin Shepherd]

    Market Vectors Poland (NYSE: PLND) is a great exchange traded fund (ETF) play on the continued strength of the Polish economy.

    Financial services figure prominently in the ETF�� holdings at 44 percent of assets, but that�� lower than other competing products and largely reflective of the major role the financial sector plays in Poland�� economy. More than 23 percent of assets are allocated to basic materials and energy due to the country�� resource wealth.

    The ETF is also relatively cheap with an expense ratio of just 0.61 percent. It also offers the added benefit of a nearly 3.2 percent yield, thanks to the tradition of Polish stocks paying stable dividends.

    What�� more, the fund is inexpensive in terms of valuation because it price has been depressed by the ongoing crisis in Ukraine. Both countries have historically been Russian satellites, but Poland was quick to integrate itself with Western Europe after the country�� communist government fell in 1989. As a result, it enjoys the diplomatic cover of the EU and the military protection of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, making it unlikely that Russia will interfere in the country�� politics.

    Despite those protections, the fund�� price-to-forward-earnings ratio has fallen from about 19 to just 14 over the past few weeks and shares are now trading at book value. Shares are also trading at just 0.58 times sales, a substantial discount to the fund�� historical valuation largely due to regional concerns.

Top Promising Stocks To Invest In 2015: American Tower Corp (AMT)

American Tower Corporation is a holding company. The Company conducts its operations through its directly and indirectly owned subsidiaries and joint ventures. It is a wireless and broadcast communications infrastructure company that owns, operates and develops communications sites. Its primary business includes leasing antenna space on multi-tenant communications sites to wireless service providers, radio and television broadcast companies, wireless data providers, government agencies and municipalities and tenants in a number of other industries. This business is its rental and management operations, which accounted for approximately 98% of its total revenues during the year ended December 31, 2011. It also offer tower-related services domestically, including site acquisition, zoning and permitting services and structural analysis services, which primarily support its site leasing business and the addition of new tenants and equipment on its sites. In January 2012, the Company merged with and into American Tower REIT, Inc.

During 2011, the Company acquired additional 125 communications sites from Telefonica Colombia. On February 1, 2011, the Company acquired 140 communications sites from VTR Banda Ancha (Chile) S.A. and its affiliates. On December 30, 2011, the Company purchased 100% interest of a subsidiary of Telefonica Moviles Chile S.A. that owned 558 communications sites. On December 14, 2011, the Company acquired control of an additional 76 existing communications sites from Cell C. On March 1, 2011, the Company acquired 100% interest of a company that owned 627 communications sites in Brazil. During 2011, the Company acquired a total of 179 communications sites and equipment in the United States. In December 2011, it announced the launch of operations in Uganda.

In the United States during 2011, the Company included the acquisition and construction of approximately 430 towers, the acquisition of approximately 2,150 property interests, the installation of approximate! ly 40 in-building and outdoor DAS networks and the installation of approximately 680 shared generators on its sites. During 2011, it expanded its international footprint, as it acquired and constructed approximately 3,230 communications sites in two new countries, Ghana and South Africa. During 2011, it also included the acquisition and construction of approximately 6,770 communications sites in its markets in Brazil, Chile, Colombia, India and Mexico. In addition, during 2011, it also acquired property interests, which it leases to communications service providers and third-party tower operators under approximately 1,810 communications sites.

As of December 31, 2011, there were approximately 21,320 towers domestically and approximately 23,900 towers internationally. The Company�� portfolio also includes approximately 260 DAS networks, which it operates in malls, casinos and other in-building applications, and select outdoor environments. In addition to the communications sites in its portfolio, the Company manages rooftop and tower sites for property owners. It also holds property interests, which is leases to communications service providers and third-party tower operators under approximately 1,810 communications sites. It conducts its international operations through its subsidiary, American Tower International, Inc., which in turn conducts operations through its various international operating subsidiaries and joint ventures. Its international operations consist of its operations in Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ghana, India, Mexico, Peru and South Africa. It holds and operates certain of its assets through one or more taxable REIT subsidiaries (TRSs).

Rental and Management Operations

During 2011, the Company�� rental and management operations accounted for approximately 98% of its total revenues. Its tenants lease space on its communications site infrastructure, where they install and maintain their individual communications network equipment. The Company�� r! evenue is! primarily generated from tenant leases, and the annual rental payments. Its tenant leases are non-cancellable and have annual rent escalations. Its domestic rental and management segment consists of its nationwide network of communications sites that enables the Company to address the needs of national, regional, local and emerging communications service providers in the United States. Its domestic rental and management segment also includes property interests, which it leases to communications service providers and third-party tower operators. During 2011, its domestic rental and management segment accounted for approximately 72% of its total revenues.

The Company�� international rental and management segment consists of communications sites in Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ghana, India, Mexico, Peru and South Africa. During 2011, its international rental and management segment accounted for approximately 26% of its total revenues. The Company�� rental and management operations include the operation of wireless and broadcast communications towers and DAS networks, rooftop management and the leasing of property interests. It owns and operates communications towers in the United States, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ghana, India, Mexico, Peru and South Africa. During 2011, approximately 98% of revenue in its rental and management segments was attributable to its communications towers.

The Company leases space on its communications towers to tenants providing a diverse range of communications services, including personal communications services, cellular, broadcasting, enhanced specialized mobile radio, worldwide interoperability for microwave access (WiMAX), paging and fixed microwave. Its domestic and international tenants include AT&T Mobility, Sprint Nextel, Verizon Wireless and T-Mobile USA, Iusacell (Mexico), Nextel International, Telefonica, MTN Group Limited and Vodafone. In addition to its communications sites, it also owns and operates DAS networks, provide communications s! ite manag! ement services to third parties and manage and/or lease property interests under carrier or other third-party communications sites.

The Company owns and operates approximately 260 DAS networks in malls, casinos and other in-building applications in the United States, Mexico and Brazil. It obtains rights from property owners to install and operate in-building DAS networks, and it grants rights to wireless service providers to attach their equipment to its installations. It also offers outdoor DAS networks as a complementary shared infrastructure solution for its tenants, and operates such networks in the United States. It provides management services to property owners in the United States. It obtains rights to manage a rooftop by entering into contracts with property owners pursuant to which it receives a percentage of occupancy or license fees paid by the wireless carriers and other tenants. It owns a portfolio of property interests in the United States under approximately 1,810 carrier or other third-party communications sites, which provides recurring cash flow under leasing arrangements.

Network Development Services

Through the Company�� network development services segment, it offers tower-related services domestically, including site acquisition, zoning and permitting services and structural analysis services, which primarily support its site leasing business and the addition of new tenants and equipment on its sites. During 2011, this segment accounted for approximately 2% of its total revenues. It engages in site acquisition services on its own behalf in connection with its tower development projects, as well as on behalf of its tenants. The Company offers structural analysis services to wireless carriers in connection with the installation of their communications equipment on its towers.

The Company competes with Crown Castle International Corp., SBA Communications Corporation, Indus Towers, Viom Networks and GTL.

Advisors' Opinion:
  • [By Myra Ramdenbourg]

    American Tower Corp (AMT): EVP & CFO Thomas A Bartlett sold 50,001 Shares

    On 01/21/2014, EVP & CFO Thomas A Bartlett sold 50,001 shares at an average price of $83.70. The price of the stock has increased by 9.49% since. American Tower Corp has a market cap of $36.27 billion and its shares were traded at around $91.64. The company has a P/E ratio of 62.70 and P/S ratio of 10.32 with a dividend yield of 1.34%. Over the past 10 years, American Tower Corp had an annual average earnings growth of 12.90%. GuruFocus rated American Tower Corp the business predictability rank of 3-star.

  • [By Natan Hayes]

    American Tower Corp. (AMT) operates the largest portfolio of the wireless communications and broadband towers in the industry. Their primary business is leasing antenna space on multi-tenant communications towers to mobile data service providers such as AT&T (T), Verizon (VZ), T-Mobile (TMUS), Time Warner Cable (TWC), and Vodafone (VOD).

  • [By Anders Bylund]

    One of those rare significant moves comes from telecom giant AT&T (NYSE: T  ) , notching the Dow's second-largest gain with a 1.2% jump. AT&T just monetized its network of cellphone towers in a multibillion-dollar deal with Crown Castle International (NYSE: CCI  ) . The agreement follows (way, way behind) a similar deal between AT&T and American Tower (NYSE: AMT  ) made some 13 years ago, leaving Ma Bell with few directly owned and operated cell towers under its vest.

  • [By Jon C. Ogg]

    American Tower Corp. (NYSE: AMT) is seeing something rather strange in its trading activity on Friday. Its shares are rallying, despite the company spending some $3.3 billion to acquire more cell tower assets. What makes this so interesting is that the valuation actually may�rekindle interest in the entire cell tower sector, and that would be welcoming for many investors who have held on as this sector has suffered while the market has been strong.

Top Promising Stocks To Invest In 2015: Interactive Intelligence Inc.(ININ)

Interactive Intelligence, Inc. provides software application suites for voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) business communications to enterprises in the United States and internationally. The company offers software products and services for contact center, enterprise IP telephony, multichannel contact management, and business process automation. Its solutions include Interactive Intelligence Customer Interaction Center that provides contact centers and enterprises a single platform and a pre-integrated all-in-one application solution for IP telephony, including phone calls, faxes, e-mails, and Web interactions; Interactive Intelligence Customer Interaction Center for the Enterprise, an IP PBX phone and communications system for SIP-supported VoIP for mid-sized and larger enterprises, as well as offers real-time presence management and remote access with unified messaging, IVR and interaction client integrations for Microsoft applications; Interaction Process Automation t hat allows an organization to capture, prioritize, route, escalate, and track each step in a work process; and Interaction Content Management solution. The company also provides professional, managed, education, and support services. Its solutions are used by businesses and organizations that employ remote and mobile workers in teleservices, financial services, insurance, higher education, utilities, healthcare, retail, technology, government, and business services industries. The company distributes its products through partners and direct arrangements with end-user customers. Interactive Intelligence, Inc. was founded in 1994 and is headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Advisors' Opinion:
  • [By Lisa Levin]

    Interactive Intelligence Group (NASDAQ: ININ) shares rose 11.64% to $53.25. The volume of Interactive Intelligence shares traded was 874% higher than normal. Interactive Intelligence posted a narrower-than expected net loss on a 15% rise in Q3 revenue.

  • [By Garrett Cook]

    Shares of Interactive Intelligence Group (NASDAQ: ININ) were down 15.47 percent to $42.25 as the company warned that Q2 results will be below expectations.

  • [By Brian Pacampara]

    What: Shares of call center software specialist Interactive Intelligence (NASDAQ: ININ  ) surged 17% today after its quarterly results easily topped Wall Street expectations.

Top Promising Stocks To Invest In 2015: Cornerstone OnDemand Inc.(CSOD)

Cornerstone OnDemand, Inc. provides learning and talent management solution delivered as software-as-a-service. The company offers three integrated cloud-based solutions for learning management, performance management, and extended enterprise. Its Cornerstone Learning Cloud helps clients deliver and manage enterprise training and development programs, as well as links employee development to other parts of the talent management lifecycle, including performance management and succession planning. The company?s Cornerstone Performance Cloud allows clients to direct and measure performance at the individual, departmental, and organizational level through competency management, organizational goal setting, performance appraisal, compensation management, and development planning. Its Cornerstone Extended Enterprise Cloud helps clients extend learning and talent management to their customers, vendors, and distributors. The company also offers consulting services comprising impl ementation, integration, content, business consulting, and educational services; and account services, as well as resells third-party e-learning content. Its clients include multi-national corporations, large domestic enterprises, mid-market companies, public sector organizations, higher education institutions, and non-profit entities. The company sells its solution and services directly through its own sales force in North America and Europe; and indirectly through domestic and international network of distributors. Cornerstone OnDemand, Inc. was founded in 1999 and is headquartered in Santa Monica, California.

Advisors' Opinion:
  • [By Lee Jackson]

    Cornerstone OnDemand Inc. (NASDAQ: CSOD) is a company that provides talent management on the cloud via recruiting, learning, performance and outreach. During its most recent quarter, sales grew 66% year-over-year, but looking ahead, the company expects top line growth of 56% this year. Deutsche Bank has not started coverage, however the consensus target is at $55.

  • [By Tom Taulli]

    In the latest quarter, ServiceNow saw a 62% spike in revenues to$139 million. There were also nine new transactions with annual contract values in excess of $1 million and one deal was more than $10 million. ServiceNow is also a big generator of cash flows, which came to $24.2 million in Q1.

    Cloud Companies to Buy: Cornerstone OnDemand (CSOD)

    Compared to other cloud companies, Cornerstone OnDemand (CSOD) often gets overlooked. But the company is actually another pioneer — and has built a solid business in the category for talent management, such helps�with recruiting, hiring and onboarding.

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