Monday, April 20, 2015

Ford Makes Big Gains on Toyota's Turf

The hybrid version of Ford's Fusion sedan has been a hot-seller in import-friendly markets like California, stealing sales from Toyota. Photo credit: Ford Motor Co.

For decades, Ford's (NYSE: F  ) bread and butter has been its pickup trucks. But in recent years, the Blue Oval has poured a ton of money and attention into its cars as well, creating fuel-efficient cars, like the Focus and Fusion, that compare well with the best of the imports.

Lately, there are signs that Ford's strategy is paying off, as Ford is gaining market share in places like California that have long been dominated by import brands like Toyota (NYSE: TM  ) . In this video, contributor John Rosevear looks at the latest sales numbers from some import-friendly regions of the U.S. -- and at how Ford is slowly but surely tempting longtime import buyers back into the Detroit fold.

Ford's latest cars aren't just doing well in the U.S.: Its Focus has become one of China's best-sellers, and more Fords are climbing China's sales charts. A recent Motley Fool report, "2 Automakers to Buy for a Surging Chinese Market", says that Ford is one of two global auto  giants that is exceptionally well-positioned to benefit from China's ongoing auto boom. You can read this report right now for free -- just click here for instant access.

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